Boston Bar Crawl Routes

If you’re like me, you’ve spent nights in Boston wandering around aimlessly, hoping to stumble upon amazing places to get food and drinks. While this is possible, it’s less tiring and much more fun to plan out your bar crawl ideas in Boston ahead of time.

Pub crawls are always a good time. Going out with friends in the city and finding a bunch of awesome new bar spots in a few hours is a great way to spend your night. Boston is home to some of the most unique and special bars in America, from a bar underneath Fenway Park to the many traditional Irish pubs.

Depending on where in Boston you’re looking to bar crawl, we’ll suggest different bar hopping routes. If you’re in the Harvard Square arena, we have you covered. If you’re in the city near TD Garden, we have the perfect route for you.

Best Places to Bar Hop in Boston, MA

We have chosen 4 lively locations to highlight, perfect for pub crawling in Boston. If you’re not close to these areas, consider taking the T train to the location nearest you!

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Faneuil Hall Bar Crawl Route

Famous for the long, skinny Faneuil Hall Marketplace building, this is an amazing place to visit. If you’re looking for a variety of cuisine and shopping, the area is packed with things to do. From street performers to unique food and drink to dancing and clubs. So naturally, Faneuil Hall is a great spot to bar hop in Boston. These are the essential bar crawl stops in Boston at Faneuil Hall.

1. The Black Rose

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Traditional Irish pub fare and the atmosphere is the perfect starting point for your Boston bar crawl near Faneuil Hall. Enjoy the classic look and feel of an Irish pub, and maybe listen to live music. Surrounded by green and gold, you’ll feel like you just stepped off the cobblestone streets of Dublin.

2. Clarke’s at Faneuil Hall

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Around the corner and down Chatham St., you’ll find Clarke’s. If you’re a sports fan, you might get caught here watching the Bruins or Red Sox live on one of the many TVs. A great, laid-back spot for a quick pint and maybe a bite to eat.

3. Anthem Kitchen & Bar

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Feeling classy? The third stop on this crawl is a bit more upscale, but still relaxed enough to just stop in for one drink and enjoy the outdoor patio area. Step off the brick road into an indoor-outdoor style American bar in the traditional Faneuil Hall style. It’s a great spot to relax and do some people-watching. The perfect halfway point for your Boston bar crawl.

4. Cheers

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If you’re in Faneuil Hall, it’s hard not to stop by Cheers, one of the more famous locations in the entire city. If you’re not familiar, Cheers was a wildly popular TV show in the 80s and 90s. This location is a replica bar and restaurant, but it’s not too far from the original on Beacon Hill. This spot is a bit quieter, so if you’re looking to keep things lively, you can always skip to the next location.

5. Ned Devine’s

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Now that you’re probably feeling pretty good, time to hit the dance floor! Ned Devine’s has everything you need to finish off your night. Food, drinks, and dancing. Be sure to check the nightlife calendar on their site to make sure it suits your mood. Otherwise, you can just head over to Wild Rover for another lively bar option.

Fenway Park Boston Bar Crawl Route

It’s one of the most iconic and historic baseball parks in the world. So of course, hundreds of thousands of fans visit Fenway every year to see a game. There is plenty to do in the area afterward, so here is our suggested 5-bar pub crawl near Fenway Park in Boston.

1. Game On! Fenway

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This themed bar is literally attached to Fenway Park. You’re technically underneath the stadium while you drink and play games. And I do mean games because Game On is ping-pong-themed. There are two floors, tons of room for lots of guests, and plenty of bar space. This is a great first stop for your Boston pub crawl near Fenway Park.

2. Bleacher Bar

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Aptly named, the Bleacher Bar is located beneath the bleachers of Fenway Park. If you’re lucky, you might score a seat with a view of the park from beneath the bleachers. Enjoy a freshly poured beer, maybe some sliders, and a bar experience that is as unique as they come.

3. Cheeky Monkey Brewing

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If you love beer, you’ll be happy to know that Cheeky Monkey brewery is located just behind Fenway Park. The taproom is open late, and the beer is always fresh. With a changing menu, you’ll have to trust that they are brewing your type of beer tonight. But don’t worry, they’re sure to be tasty.

4. Cask n’ Flagon

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World-famous sports bar with tasty Italian food, chowder, and of course cocktails and beer. Just across from Game On, you’re basically back where you started on the bar crawl. A great place to have your dinner before the final stop on the bar tour!

5. Yard House

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Just up Brookline ave, next to Wahlburgers, the Yard House is home to a huge list of draft beers. They claim to be the world’s largest. Perfect to finish off the night, and if you haven’t had any dinner yet, you’ve got a few options in the vicinity. Yard House is a beer drinker’s heaven!

TD Garden Bar Crawl Route

If you’re seeing a game at the Garden, chances are you might want to go out afterward. That’s why there are over a dozen bars within a few hundred feet of the arena. Here is the best on-foot bar crawl route near TD Garden in Boston.

1. The Fours Restaurant & Bar

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Tasty apps, beers and cocktails, and lots of decorative sports memorabilia line the walls. Hopefully, Boston won the game, and this can be the perfect place to start the celebrations. Located about 250 feet from TD Garden, this is just a few steps away. A perfect place to kick off your Boston bar crawl near TD Garden.

2. Beerworks

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Everyone loves drinking at a brewery. It’s becoming a bit of a phenomenon. In-house-made beers on draft, a spacious dining area, and close to the Garden. What’s not to love? Also, Beerworks is huge. There is a large dining area and a massive bar. There’s even a second story with more space. A great second stop on your Boston bar crawl.

3. Porters Bar and Grill

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Porters Bar is much smaller, so it has a more cozy vibe. A great spot to get together before or after a game at TD Garden. Burgers, Fries, fresh beer, and wine. Stop in for a quick pint, or sit down and relax in the comfy lighting and watch some TV.

4. McGann’s Irish Pub

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Right next door to Porters, McGann’s Irish Pub is another cozy spot with typical pub bites and drinks. Often hosting live music performances, this spot could be where you spend the majority of your night. With a red door entrance and a rustic stone wall in the back, McGann’s is a great bar for a fresh pint of Guinness.

5. The Harp

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Are you ready to get rowdy? The Harp is known for being very lively, with a bar upstairs, and an open dance floor downstairs. And of course another bar. If you’ve made it this far, you may as well have some fun and get dancing. Open super late on Fridays, but closing at midnight most other days.

Harvard Square Bar Crawl Route

Home to some bustling streets and great shopping and food, Harvard Square is great. Coming up out of the T station always puts a smile on my face. So of course, bar crawling in Harvard Square is awesome. Whether you’re a brilliant Ivy League student looking to take a break from the books, or just a visitor, Harvard Square is a perfect place for a pub crawl.

1. Daedalus

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Though this location isn’t directly in the square, it is worth the 5-minute walk to start your night. This bar was once a greenhouse, and signs of this are everywhere inside. With lots of indoor and outdoor seating and plenty of natural light, Daedalus is a great place to catch the sunset and start your bar hopping in Harvard Square.

2. Shay’s Pub & Wine Bar

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Rustic and historic, Shay’s Pub is the ultimate in cozy bar dining. The red ceiling and exposed rock walls make this a great place to relax and unwind. Shay’s has a small patio and serves sandwiches and of course beer and wine. If there isn’t much room for your party, don’t worry, the next stop is right across the street!

3. PARK Restaurant & Bar

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Though there isn’t much room for seating at the bar, there is an extended high-top table that offers a hybrid sit-down/bar experience. Park Restaurant is laid back and comfortable for people of all ages. The menu is unique and creative, and the full bar should be able to fix up your favorite drink.

4. Beat Brew Hall

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Beat Brew Hall is described as “psychedelic” and “trippy.” In essence, it is a unique and creative space where the drinks match the atmosphere. Come here for some live music and plenty of space to stretch your legs and relax with your friends. Also, the burgers are highly rated.

5. Russell House Tavern

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Dimly lit vibes and comfortable surroundings make Russell House Tavern a great end to your Harvard bar crawl. Very distinct food and drink items make you feel fancy, even if you’re just eating fries with a fried egg on top. If you’re looking to end on a more energetic note, consider swapping this out with number 4.

Hopefully, you found some use in our Boston bar crawl guide. If you’re interested in a paid excursion with your friends or family, consider signing up for one of the BostonCrawling events. Otherwise, enjoy your night out. Also, look at our Drinking games for two for extra fun.


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