Beer Olympics games

Of course, you read it right. It’s the Beer Olympics. Curious as to what it means? We’ll walk you down the road right here. The Beer Olympics are a combined set of drinking games that combine excessive beer consumption with tons of fun.

It has been a popular trend for many years, and a wave of drinking games, most of which, let’s be honest, involve large amounts of alcohol. The Beer Olympics are organized into teams represented by nations. All you need is a few teams from other nations, some Solo cups, and a ton of alcohol.

The winning nation receives a point when a match is over, and winning this match might be more fulfilling than winning a gold medal. It’s a period when groups of four to six people compete against one another in drinking games and alcohol consumption.

Tips on How to Organize the Ideal Beer Olympics

Prepare the food and drinks:

Food, booze, and beverages light up at every gathering. Also, there will be sessions of gaming, so you need to ensure your body is full of energy; hence, every participant is encouraged to Bring finger food, pretzels, snacks, some chocolates, or any other refreshments they like to the event.

Regarding beverages, in addition to beer, purchase some wine and vodka, as well as non-alcoholic beverages like water. This way, you can keep your belongings in balance and avoid carrying too much of one thing.

Create teams out of all of the players:

The Beer Olympics are built on the basis of teams. You cannot participate in the Beer Olympics separately. Make sure a team exists with everyone. Teams consist of at least four to six players. Dividing teams based on a theme, such as a country or color, will make it even more fantastic as well as add color to the event. That way, each player in a team belongs to the same country or has the same color worn. 

Adorn the venue:

whatever location you deem fit to use, it is totally up to you. However, you must strive to make wherever you have chosen the most habitable and colorful. Purchase some decorations, such as Olympic rings, flag banners, or other festive items, for whichever location you choose. This, in our opinion, is a crucial step that fosters a happier atmosphere.

Don’t forget to buy a whiteboard and a marker:

Quite a number of people substitute whiteboards with A4 pieces of paper or even notes on their cell phones, but we still suggest that having a whiteboard is necessary. Using whiteboards and markers helps in maintaining records, you know, penning points so that everything proceeds fairly. Also, hang it up so that everybody can see it to avoid being accused of injustice (which happens usually).

Have a trophy for winners:

Trophies at the end of competitions give the participants something to look forward to. Many stores provide some affordable trophies that would be ideal (such as Amazon). Giving the victors something special that makes them feel valued is, in our opinion, crucial since they are likely to cherish it as a nice memory and adore you forever.

Let everyone know what the rules are:

The rules of the game must be properly spelled out to everyone, so they’ll be aware that cheating is not permitted in the games under any circumstances. Everyone is to be cautious about spilling beer or causing any other possible harm.

Establish some house rules and let everyone know they must be followed:

The need to adhere to rules cannot be overemphasized as it could lead to disqualification. There will be an opening ceremony at the Beer Olympics. You may, for instance, require that each team leader introduce their teammates and share an amusing story about them, have a creative walkout and choose a song for the declaration, or come up with any other brilliant concept.

Be impartial:

The scorekeeper must be a dependable person. In our opinion, the perfect host is someone who is fair and open with everyone, ensuring that the games go as planned and no one suspects that someone won through cheating.

With the above said, we completely agree that choosing the right games might get overwhelming. We’ve already done that. Here is a list of games that would be ideal for the beer Olympics since we feel you need them. Tops off!

Beer Olympic Games List

Flip Cup

The flip cup is played by filling and assembling as many cups as needed for each team in an equal amount. The first member of each team should sip from their cup before setting it open-side-up on the edge of the table, where you will try to flip it face down. This toast will signal the start of the game. No matter how long it takes after the person succeeds, the next team member can leave. The team that finishes drinking and flipping all of its cups first wins the round and is awarded a point.

Case race

We must admit that this is a very exciting game. However, you should know that the aim of the game is to consume the most alcohol, and we guarantee you won’t refuse that! So a case of beer would be distributed to each team and set on the table, and the drinking would begin.

Yes, the first person to finish the entire case of beer, but with no beer still in the cans, wins. Be aware that you must consume the beer entirely but mustn’t pour or throw it away. But even if you end up puking after drinking an absurd amount of beer, you still win. Note that the more friends you have, the less alcohol there will be for everyone. Hence, bigger teams would be preferable in this game.

Tipsy Tower Build

You believed that drinking was the main focus? Well, reconsider! This drinking game is based mainly on quick thinking and ingenuity. To play, each team requires its own empty bottles or cans, as well as drinks for each player. It should be clear that each team gets 60 seconds to construct their tower out of empty cans or bottles.

The winning team is the one that constructs the tallest but, most importantly, the most stable tower. Additionally, if you’re a little inebriated, it could be difficult to think of ways to make your structure sturdy. It is entirely up to you how you want your tower to look; it might be as simple as a pyramid. Yes, the game may be tough, and you could be persuaded to keep building the tower higher despite its weakness. One more time, concentrate on building a robust tower. Yes, the highest one is the desired result, but an unstable one is likely to collapse and lose the game. Therefore, to achieve the greatest outcomes, keep an eye on both factors.

Slap Cup

Slap Cup is a quick-drinking game that calls for 20 or more cups, booze, and a ping-pong ball. Only 2 unfilled cups will be in front of 2 players who will be standing opposite one another after the majority of the cups have been filled with beer to around 1/3 capacity and placed on the table. The ball must be bounced by these two players into the cups.

They then transfer the ball and the cup to the player to their left after that. The player to your left must slap your cup and force you to swallow whatever beverage is on the table if they bounce the ball first.

You can also refill a cup to the brim, making it look like the Death Cup because it contains the most alcohol. The final player to get his cup smacked may utilize this “special” cup. Watch out, young ladies!

You can pass the ball to anybody you choose after making your first shot. Decide which players to target.

10-Can Bowling

By nature, beer cans, empty alcohol cans, and bottles will always be in abundance during the Beer Olympics. Why not leverage that to your advantage? Simply positioning the cans or bottles as though they were bowling pins is all that is required.

Next, roll an empty can or use a ball to knock the others over.

You are free to devise your own rules, but we recommend either selecting a drinker or downing as many gulps as the number of cans you knocked down. Therefore, if four cans are empty, you drink four gulps of beer. Long rows are preferable to tall ones since it is simpler to smash all the cans together at once, the higher the “tower.”

We recommend using cans rather than bottles because they are safer and cannot be damaged like glass bottles.

Civil War

Relax… Don’t get chills all over; we don’t mean literal war. You’ll appreciate “Civil War” if you loved “Beer Pong.” Once more, all you’ll need is some plastic cups and alcohol. The participants should first be split into two equal teams. Teams are placed on the opposing sides of the table, and each player has 6 cups in front of them in a triangular formation (3-2-1).

Then, halfway fill the cups with alcohol and try to hit your opponent’s cup with the ping-pong ball. They must take the cup away and drink whatever is inside if they are successful.

Be focused since once a ball is thrown, any other player might catch it and toss it, even if it’s on the ground. The game ends when a team runs out of cups and that team loses.

Remember to take your time and slow down anytime you have the ball because the game is quite dynamic. This will help you get the ideal shot. Beer relay Let’s share some beer, okay? While reading, the game can remind you of “Flip Cup,” a drinking game for three people, but it has its own distinctive features. Make sure you have plastic cups and booze with you before you start playing.

Put two cups around one edge of the table and a “Beer Pong” pile on the other to start playing.

Each teammate should perform the following actions; drink from the first cup, flip it, drink from the second cup, bounce the ball in the third cup, and then shoot the ball into the rack. A player on the same team may pass the next “leg of the relay” after finishing their “job” with the first cup. However, if COVID-19 or just the fact that some of your pals choose not to share a cup (which is acceptable), prevents you from playing any of the other games on our list, refill the two cups before passing the game on to the next player—more of a reminder than a tip.


Yes, unlike in Civil War games where the war isn’t literal. In this case, spoons are. You’ll need spoons, a standard deck of cards, and beverages to get started. Make sure you have one fewer spoon than the number of participants—for example, if there are 10 players, take 9 spoons. Next, you must employ that many of a type, depending on the number of participants. We require 10 fours of a kind in our situation (4 Aces, 4 Jakes, and so on).

The dealer deals each player four cards after shuffling the deck. Everyone must pass one card to the player to their left once the dealer shouts “pass.” They take a spoon, which indicates the winner, whenever they have four of a type in their hand. The next step is for each player to quickly grab another spoon. The player who is left without a spoon is the loser and must take one drink since there is one spoon less.

When playing, don’t get too excited if you have four of a type. It’s really more fun when they don’t notice it at all, so hold off on grabbing the spoon.

Never have I ever

“Never have I ever” is the time to find out the deepest secrets of your buddies. We genuinely believe that this game should be played at every event. You only need a list of questions and some alcohol. That’s all, indeed. You may either take turns reading the questions aloud or have one of you do it. Never Have I Ever questions should include statements such as, “Never have I ever hit on a girl,” “Never have I ever drunk and staggered”  or others of a similar kind.

Each player who nods in agreement must gulp down their drink. You may learn a lot about your folks in this way without using words. All you do is drink and talk a lot. Making the question list depend on the players is a good tip. However, do not be insensitive in curating questions. Consider what they want to talk about and respect their boundaries.