Drinking Games For 2 People

Sometimes, it’s just you and one other friend hanging out, passing the time with a few drinks. Or, maybe it’s you and your partner staying in for a cozy night together. If you’re into drinking, a laid-back night in can be a fun way to pass the time and make good memories. Make it more fun with one of our top 15 best drinking games for 2 people.

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Many of the games on this list are simply re-imaginings of existing games, and some are a bit more creative. Take your pick!

The Best Drinking Games For 2

Of all the hundreds of drinking games that have been invented, not all of them apply to just two players. If you’re looking to play some 2-player drinking games, here are the best ones.

1. These Cards Will Get You Drunk (on Amazon)

‘These Cards Will Get You Drunk’ is essentially a highly revealing and fun party game that will, you guessed it, probably get you drunk. Pick a card, and do what it says to do. The creativity of the cards is great and will have you both laughing in no time.

Drinking Games For 2 PeopleDrinking Games For 2 PeopleDrinking Games For 2 PeopleThough this game is better played with a larger group, it can definitely work as a 2 player game. Some cards might need to be skipped and saved for another time. Just be ready to get a little weird with each other ;).

Drinking Games For 2 PeopleDrinking Games For 2 People

This game was a big success, so they have even made a sequel – These Cards Will Get You Drunk Too.

2. You Laugh, You Drink (Get it on Amazon)

Some of the most fun drinking games are the simplest. You laugh, you lose is a popular game that YouTubers play to entertain the masses. To be honest, you could probably play this game by yourself and have fun, but it will be best with 2 people or more.

Drinking Games For 2 PeopleDrinking Games For 2 People

This one is a lot of fun and is custom curated for a party setting (3+), but can easily be modified for just two players.

3. Two Truths And A Lie

If you are playing drinking games with a new friend or someone you are getting to know, this may be an interesting game to play. It could also be a lot of fun to play with your partner. The point is, that it can be very revealing. It is a slower-paced game, and maybe that is what you want! Perfect for a long night in than an aggressive pregame.

The rules of Two Truths and A Lie:

  1. One person describes 3 things about themselves. Two of them must be true, and one of them must be a lie.
  2. The other person guesses which is a lie.
  3. If they guess incorrectly, then they have to drink. If they are right, then you drink.

Simple, revealing, horrifying, all the markings for a quality night in. A great ice-breaker game, and can be modified to play with more than 2 people.

4. Harry Potter Drinking Game

Okay, admittedly this drinking game assumes that you own one or more of the Harry Potter movies. If you don’t care about the magical Wizarding World, feel free to skip ahead to the next one. But if you do like Harry Potter…let’s be friends.

A huge percentage of the world likes the Harry Potter series, and many love it. So what better way to celebrate the hit 7-part children’s book series than to make a drinking game about it?

Get your butterbeer ready and press play on your favorite HP movie and follow the rules:

Harry Potter drinking game rules:

  • Drink when someone is mean to Harry
  • Drink when Ron says “blimey” or “bloody hell”
  • Drink when Hermione says “Harry”
  • Drink when someone mentions “he who must not be named” or “Voldemort”
  • Drink when Harry’s scar hurts
  • Drink when someone casts a spell

These are pretty frequent, but if you want a more robust list of rules to follow, check out this post on Reddit for a ton more.

5. Drunk War (Card Game for two)

We can all probably agree that actual drunken warfare would not be a good time for anyone.

However, adding alcohol to an innocent card game makes Drunk War fantastic fun. One of the easiest card games to learn, and games can last a while if you’re playing with the standard rules. All you need is a normal deck of cards.

Here are the rules of War:

  1. Each player gets 26 cards.
  2. Every turn, both players flip over the top card in their deck.
  3. Whoever draws the higher card takes both cards and puts them at the bottom of their deck (Aces are higher than Kings).
  4. If the cards are the same number, this begins a war.
  5. During a war, each player first puts down one card upside down, and then draws another face-up. Whoever wins this flip takes all the cards in the pile.
  6. If the second draw is another match, the war continues.

Rules for Drunk War:

  • Both drink whenever a war begins
  • Loser of each war drinks
  • Loser of every card flip drinks (if you want to get drunk fast)

War is just a fun, simple card game. It’s a great option if you’re down at the beach with a friend, or just staying in and having a low-key night.

6. Ed Sheeran Drinking Game

Let’s keep this one simple.

Ed Sheeran drinking game rules:

  1. Listen to an Ed Sheeran playlist
  2. Drink whenever Ed sings any of these words:
    1. Baby
    2. Love
    3. Miss
  3. For faster drinking, add in these words:
    1. Cause
    2. She
    3. Now
    4. Come

Why these words? Well, they are the words he uses most in his songs. This study by Towards Data Science shows a word cloud for the most popular words Ed Sheeran uses in his songwriting. Pretty cool if you geek out about data.

Easy and effective. Before you know it you’ll be standing on your kitchen table holding a spatula singing Ed’s hits to your friend. Great times for all involved.

Drinking Games For 2 People
Credit: tenor

7. Battle Shots (Battleship drinking game)

Another spin on a classic Hasbro board game. You can either play with an existing Battleship board, or you can just create your own.

Making the board requires a bit of craftiness and attention. That’s why it’s a good idea to set this up before you start drinking.

What you’ll need

  • 2 pieces of paper
  • One cereal box or other stiff material to act as the “wall”
  • 12 shot glasses (if you don’t have this many, just use coins or small pieces of paper to mark your ships)

Making the Battle Shots board

  1. Draw an 8×8 grid on each piece of paper
  2. Along the left side, number the rows 1-7
  3. Along the top, name each column A-G
  4. You should now have 7×7 free spaces (49 total spots)
  5. Place the grids opposite each other and put up a wall in the middle so players sitting opposite cannot see the other grid.

Rules for playing Battle Shots

  1. Each player fills 6 shot glasses.
  2. Each play crafts 3 “ships” on their grid. One ship is 3 spaces long, one is 2 spaces long and the last ship is just one space.
  3. Players then take turns guessing the coordinates of the opponent’s ships. For example, “B2.”
  4. If the opponent guesses one of your placements correctly, that is a “hit,” and you have to remove and drink the shot.
  5. The last person with at least one ship piece left is the winner, and the opponent has to finish all of the remaining ships.

If you don’t know how to play Battleship, this may be a bit excessive to learn for a quick drinking game for 2. However, it is one of the more fun and strategic games on this list.

8. Never Have I Ever (on Amazon)

This is a classic party game that can easily be adapted for two players having a few drinks. This one will get you and your opponent to open up and potentially reveal some interesting stories about each other.

Even better is that this particular card version on Amazon comes in a few different games. Girls edition, family edition, classic, and parents. Get the one that suits your needs best and get ready to learn some new things about your buddies.

Drinking Games For 2 PeopleDrinking Games For 2 People


Want to see our top 5 favorites in a quick video? Check out our video on YouTube:

9. Doubles Drinking Games for 2 (App)

Want to play a less hands-on game? Check out the very cool Doubles app. This is a very well-thought-out drinking game for two people.

Doubles focuses on asking interesting questions. There are a variety of categories, from Never Have I Ever to Sexy Couples. Ooh, La La.

The app is free to download, but some of the more interesting categories are $0.99 to access. Probably worth it if you want a really well-designed drinking game for two!

10. Long-distance Beer Pong (Beirut)

Probably the most widely played drinking game in the world, beer pong is still fun with just two people at home.

If somehow you’ve never heard of it, here is how beer pong works:

  1. Place 10 solo cups in the shape of a triangle (4 cups, 3 cups, 2 cups, 1 cup) on both sides of a table.
  2. Add a small amount of beer to each cup.
  3. Each player stands on either end and takes turns throwing ping pong balls into the other person’s cups.
  4. If your cup gets hit, you drink the beer and remove the cup.
  5. Whoever runs out of cups first is the loser.

The game is usually played with teams of 2 people at parties, where the winning team stays on. But, if you’re looking to play at home, why not get creative? We recommend making these modifications to play beer pong for two:

  1. Use 4 cups instead of 10 (making a diamond shape)
  2. Add some additional distance between the cups – everyone’s house or apartment is different: get creative!
  3. Use water instead of beer – if your cup gets hit, just take a sip out of your drink in hand.

How to make alternate ping pong balls for beer pong

If you don’t have any ping pong balls, but still want to play beer pong, what can you use? In short, use tissues and aluminum foil. Ball up the tissues into a 1-inch ball, and encase it with 2-4 layers of aluminum foil, keeping the ball as light as possible. This will help keep the ball’s buoyancy and prevent knocking over the cups on impact.

11. Flip Cup

A classic drinking game. It can be played by as many or as few participants as you’d like. But it works great as a drinking game for 2 players. for 2 players.

If you don’t know the rules of flip cup, you probably haven’t been to college yet (and that’s okay).

What you need are two things:

  • Solo cups or similar
  • Beer (or similar content alcohol)

Flip cup directions for two

  1. Each person has 5 cups, filled to the first line in the cup (or however high you’d like)
  2. Players stand across from one another at a table and line up their five cups in a row on their side.
  3. Count down from 3, and then each player drinks their first cup as quickly as possible.
  4. After each drink is drunk, the player must place the empty cup on the edge of the table and use one finger to flip the cup over, and land it upside down.
  5. Only move on to the next cup after the previous cup has been drunk and flipped successfully.
  6. The first player to flip the final cup is the winner
Flip Cup
Credit: GIPHY

The purpose of the flip cup is for everyone to get buzzed. So that makes this one a great pregame drinking game for two. Great to start off the night before a bar crawl or a night out in the city.

12. Would You Rather (Online game)

Would you rather games are so simple, and yet bring a smile to your face every time. Whether it’s that awkward question or a moral dilemma, you’ll probably have a tough time with some.

The website Either.io allows you to pick one of two options. Here’s how to make it a drinking game:

  1. Take turns answering the questions.
  2. If the person answering guesses the answer with >50%, the other person must drink.
  3. If the person answering guesses the answer with <50%, they must drink.

Simple, entertaining, often revealing, sometimes shocking, ALWAYS fun.

13. Higher or Lower

This game is mostly based on chance but can involve some strategy if you know something about dice odds.

How to play Higher or Lower:

  1. One person holds a pair of dice (or an online dice roller like diceapp.io)
  2. The other guesses which number will be rolled. For example, I guess that a 7 will be the roll.
  3. The roller then guesses whether the roll will be higher or lower than my guess. The roller says “higher.”
  4. The dice is rolled. Let’s pretend a 10 is rolled, so the roller was correct.
  5. If the roller is right, I have to drink however many numbers my guess was from the actual roll, in this case 3.
  6. If the roller is wrong, then he has to drink the difference.
  7. If the roll is the same as the guess, the roller finishes their drink and you switch positions.

It can get interesting, especially if you’re bold and guess low or high numbers. In the end, it’s just a fun way to start up your night.

14. The Mustache Game

This one is simple.

Put one of your favorite shows on the TV.

Tape a paper mustache somewhere on the TV screen.

If someone’s face aligns with the mustache, you both take a sip of your drink.

You can also try taping a top hat to the screen for added comedic effect.

This game is simple but always hilarious and entertaining. Plus, you get to watch one of your favorite shows or YouTube channels.

15. Wager Game

The Wager Game is basically a coin toss, with a twist.

How to play the Wager Game

  1. Take turns “wagering” an amount of beer (or whatever you’re drinking) by pouring some into a cup.
  2. The person who pours then flips a coin, and the other person calls heads or tails.
  3. If their call is wrong, they have to drink your wagered amount.
  4. If they get it right, then you have to drink it.

This game can become surprisingly aggressive and can lead to some interesting situations. High and low wagers determine how tipsy you’ll get.

But after all, your odds are 50/50 so it should even out…unless your high-wager payback plan doesn’t work out.

We hope you found the perfect drinking game for two players on our list. For more fun drinking games and ideas, look around Pub Crawl Tonight. As always, have a great night.