Drunk Driver Card Game

Given the name of this game, it is important to note that this game does not in any way endorse drunk driving. You should never drink and drive. Also, do not let your friends drink and drive.


The following requirements are necessary to enjoy the drunk driver game:

  • At least four players
  • A minimum of one deck of cards (You can have two decks to make the game more interesting).
  • Various drinks to match each player’s taste.

How to play the drunk driver card game

  1. The players have to choose a dealer. There are different methods you can use to select a dealer:
    1. You can use another game like rock paper scissors to select a dealer.
    2. You can vote.
    3. Come up with creative ways to choose a dealer.

The player selected as the dealer is known as the ‘driver’ because they steer the game.

  1. The dealer takes the deck of cards and shuffles them to their satisfaction. The dealer is then supposed to arrange several cards in the shape of a triangle, i.e., 5, 4, 3, 2, 1—five cards at the bottom and one at the top. After this is achieved, the dealer should deal one card to each player, including themselves (the dealer).
  2. To start playing, the dealer flips one of the cards at the bottom of the triangle (one of the five cards). If any player has a card similar to the flipped one, they get to select another player who should take a shot. Each card is worth a number of shots equal to the number of cards in its row. For instance, if the dealer flips a card on the fifth row, the person with a card similar to the flipped one can get one person to drink five drinks or five people to drink one shot of the same drink. No one is allowed to drink half a drink.
  3. If nobody has a card similar to the card the dealer has flipped, it’s a social drink, and every player has to take a shot. It also helps to remember that when a card is flipped, all the other similar cards must be removed from the deck, even if you use more than one deck.
  4. It is okay to use more than one deck of cards if there are many players; after all, the more, the merrier, right?
  5. A large gulp of alcohol (like beer) is considered a full drink. When a player is required to take a drink, a large gulp of their favorite alcoholic drink should be okay.


Remember to drink responsibly. To avoid alcohol poisoning, do not overindulge. Underage people should not be allowed to drink in this game. Instead, they should drink a different non-alcoholic drink if they have to play.