7 Fun Dice Drinking Games

There’s something about the randomness of a dice roll that makes dice-drinking games really fun. Dice games are usually very simple, yet can involve more strategy than you may think.

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In this article, we’re sharing our top 7 dice-drinking games to play at home or at parties. Dice drinking games are a perfect way to start a night out, or for a night in with friends. Let’s go!

The Best Dice Drinking Games

Six Cups

Players: 3+ | Required Dice: 1

6 cups is an easy-to-learn, extremely fun drinking game for 3-6 players. You’ll only need one 6-sided dice and 6 cups for beer / other drinks.

How to play Six Cups

  • Start with 6 numbered, empty cups on a table (cup 1, cup 2, etc.)
  • The first player rolls the dice
  • Fill the corresponding cup with beer
  • The next player rolls the dice
  • The number rolled corresponds to each cup – an empty cup is filled, and a filled cup must be drunk
  • If a player threads the last cup (making all 6 cups empty or all 6 cups full) they may assign someone else a shot

6 cups are the perfect dice-drinking game for a larger party or at a rowdy pub with friends. Easy to learn, fun for everyone, and a quick way to end up tipsy.


Players: 2+ | Required Dice: 1

Pig is a simple dice game that makes for a great drinking game. Each player takes turns rolling the dice. During your turn, you may roll as many times as you like, adding each roll’s number together. The aim is to get to as high a number as possible. The winner is the first player to reach 100 or more points.

Sounds pretty easy, right? I’ll just roll a bunch of times until I reach 100!

Not so fast. If you roll a 1, your score for that turn roll is set to 0 points. You must decide when to end your turn. Maybe after three rolls, maybe four?

The idea of Pig is that you start to get greedy for more points during each turn, risking just one more roll for a few extra points. But if you happen to roll a 1, all that turn’s points are gone and the next player gets to roll.

How to make Pig into a dice drinking game

So how do you make this simple dice game into a drinking game? Easy. every time someone rolls a 1, that person must take as many drinks as they rolled the dice during that turn.


Players: 2+ | Required Dice: 2

Chō-han is an incredibly simple Japanese dice game. It is commonly seen in Yakuza films and has been played for generations. A simple choice for one of the quickest and easiest dice-drinking games.

How to play Chō-Han:

  • One person rolls 2 six-sided dice and hides the result from other players
  • Other players make bets on whether the total is Odd (Han) or Even (Chō)
  • The roller reveals the dice

To make Chō-Han a drinking game, the losing bets must take a drink. To make it more interesting, betters can “wager” additional drinks before the dice roll has been revealed. For example, I bet 3 sips that the dice roll is odd. This requires that all betters agree on a wager. If you lose, the wager must be drunk.

Chō-Han is both fun and historic and can be played for hours on end (or until everyone is too drunk!).

Yahtzee (Drinking Game)

Players: 2+ | Required Dice: 5

7 Fun Dice Drinking Games

Yahtzee is the classic poker-style dice game. It’s pretty fun in original form, but you know what makes it more fun? Making it a dice-drinking game of course!

Rules of the Yahtzee Drinking Game

  • Play Yahtzee as normal
  • When a player rolls a 1, they must take a drink
  • If a player rolls 4-of-a-kind, they must take that number of drinks (ex. if you roll four 2s, you must take 2 drinks, four 6s, take 6 drinks)
  • If a player rolls a Yahtzee, they may tell one other player to finish his/her drink

Yahtzee is a longer game, so the fun can continue for a while before the game is done. Feel free to add in other rules before beginning your game. There are endless possibilities when each player is rolling 5 dice.

Liar’s Dice (Pirate’s Dice)

Players: 3+ | Required Dice: 5 per player

Pirates of the Caribbean famously portrayed Liar’s Dice as “Pirate’s Dice” when Will challenges Davy Jones to a match.

Liar’s Dice is a bit more complicated, but once the rules are well understood the game is extremely fun and even strategic. Liar’s Dice is largely based on bluffing and guessing.

How to play Liar’s Dice

  • Each play rolls their 5 dice and keeps the result hidden from other players (use a cup or your hands)
  • Each player’s 5-dice are called their “stash” and the total collection of all dice is called the “pool”
  • To start a round, one player states a quantity and type of dice, for example, “three 4s” – this player is guessing that there are at least three 4s in the pool
  • The next player can either challenge or continue the game
  • To challenge, the next player disagrees that there are at least three 4s in the pool. All players now reveal their stash. If the challenging player is wrong, they lose one of their dice. If they are correct, the last player loses one of their dice
  • To continue the game, the next player has to raise the original guess by increasing either the quantity of dice or the type of dice. For example, he could say “two 5s” or “four 1s”. In the former, the type of dice was increased. In the latter, the quantity of dice was increased
  • This continues until a challenge is made
  • The winner is the last player to have any dice remaining

How to make Liar’s Dice a Drinking Dame

  • Anytime someone guesses a quantity and type of the same number, they must drink (ie. three 3s, four 4s)
  • A caught liar must drink
  • A failed challenger must drink twice

You can also add rules for the total pool’s numbers, for example, if the pool has six 6s, everyone must finish their drink.

If you don’t have enough actual dice to play this game, consider downloading a simple dice rolling app or using a dice roll website on your phone.

Higher or Lower

Players: 2+ | Required Dice: 2

Higher or Lower was featured in our top 15 drinking games for 2 players article (check out this article for awesome drinking game ideas for just 2 people).

However, this is one of the dice-drinking games that can also be played with more than 2 players as well. It is a very simple game with an easy learning curve.

How to play Higher or Lower (Dice Drinking Game)

  • One person holds two 6-sided dice
  • The other players guess what number will be rolled (between 2-12). Let’s say that the guess is “5”
  • The roller guesses whether the roll will be higher or lower than what was guessed. Let’s say “higher”
  • The dice is rolled – Let’s pretend that the actual number is 9
  • If the roller is right, I have to drink however many numbers my guess was away from the actual rolled number. In this case, 4 (9 – 5 = 4)
  • If the roller is wrong, then he has to drink the difference
  • If the roll is the same as the guess, the roller has to finish their drink
  • After each roll, pass the dice to the next person to be the roller

It might seem like a good idea to guess numbers right in the middle, but it gets more fun when you start making bolder guesses. With just 2 dice required and such simple rules, Higher or Lower is a great place to start if you’re looking for simple dice drinking games.

Left Center Right (LCR)

Players: 3+ | Required Dice: 3 per player (custom dice) | Buy On Amazon

Left Center Right is a dice game that uses custom-made dice. Each dice contains 3 sides with “L” “C” and “R” respectively, and 3 sides with a dot.

How to play LCR

  • Each player receives 3 or more chips
  • Players take turns rolling the 3 custom dice
  • For each L rolled, the player passes one chip to the player to their left
  • For each R rolled, the player passes one chip to the player to their right
  • For each C rolled, the player adds a chip into the center “pot”
  • Each dot rolled has no effect
  • When a player has less than 3 chips remaining, they can only roll that many dice on their turn (if you have 2 chips, you only roll 2 dice)
  • If a player runs out of chips, they can still accumulate chips back from other players
  • If a player has no chips for 2 turns, they are out of the game

How to make LCR a dice drinking game

  • For every dot that a player rolls, he/she must take that number of drinks
  • For every turn that you go without any chips, you may give a drink to one other player
  • If you are knocked out of the game, you must finish your drink

Left Center Right is a classic, fun dice game that is perfect for a drinking game. It requires custom dice and chips but is usually available online or in stores for less than $10.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite dice-drinking games and found the perfect one for you! If not, take a look at some of our other drinking game articles. Or, check out our YouTube channel for quick videos on the best drinking games to play.