Pub Golf – How To Play & Scorecards

If you are planning a night out drinking with a group of friends, make the night a little more interesting and try playing this drinking game – pub golf. Pub golf (or bar golf) is an interactive drinking game for pub crawling with friends. It is challenging, exciting, and most of all, FUN! Learn all about the pub golf rules and how to play pub golf here on Pub Crawl Tonight.

The rules of playing pub golf can vary from group to group, but we have come up with what we think is the best way to play bar golf. In this article, we’ll share our pub golf rule book.

What Is the Pub Golf Game?

Pub golf is essentially like playing a real game of golf but replacing getting a ball in a hole with getting alcoholic drinks in your stomach. You’ll ideally visit nine or eighteen holes, 9 different bars (nine pubs) along with your game, each of which will have a pre-determined set of rules. Depending on how you perform (what you drink and how you act, more on this later), you’ll gain ‘strokes’. The person with the lowest score at the end of the pub golf game is deemed the winner. Usually, a pre-determined prize is awarded to the ultimate winner.

Pub Golf Rules

The basic rules for pub golf are that each golfer carries their own scorecard and must consume a set number of drinks at each of the 9 bars. You can determine what this number will be, but it is common to simply have 1 drink (ex. one beer) at each bar. The type of drink can either be a free-for-all, or it can be pre-determined. We like the idea of pre-selecting the type of drink at each bar to make it more challenging.

Each course (bar) is assigned a par number before beginning. Usually, the number is between 3-5. Completing the assigned drink at a bar means that the golfer achieved par, adding whatever par number to their scorecard. For example, if bar #1 is a par 3 and you consume the 1 drink, your final scorecard will have +3 for that bar (assuming you didn’t get any penalties).

It is common for participants to come up with custom penalties and rules for each pub along the route, making a unique game built for your preferences. For example, bar number 3 may have a ‘water hazard,’ at which you gain one stroke for using the bathroom. At another bar, the water hazards on the par may be a 5, making it strategic to save room for a drink at that particular stop.

Sine the lowest score wins, a player can lower their score by drinking multiple drinks at a hole. For instance, if par number represents a beer, then in this version of the drinking game, drinking a second beer at the hole will lower the score by one point (a birdie!).

How To Play Pub Golf (Bar Golf):

Print out a scorecard for each ‘golfer.’

Each golfer gets his or her own scorecard to keep track of progress through the night. Use our pre-determined scorecard or make up your score cards with your own rules.

Decide on 9 or 18 bars that you will visit during the game.

Golf typically consists of nine or eighteen pubs (holes), so depending on how long you will be golfing, choose the number that best suits your day.

Assign each pub a ‘par’ between 3-5.

When a bar is visited, each player can achieve ‘par’ by drinking the assigned drink for that bar. Par can be set higher for bars visited where the assigned drink is less popular.

Pick the drinks for each bar.

The basic rule of pub golf is that every bar has an assigned drink that each golfer must consume to achieve par. You may skip any bar that you’d like, of course but each ‘missed hole’ will come at an additional 2 strokes to your score.

Choose penalties.

Also known as party fouls, penalties in pub golf will add additional strokes to your score. For example, pubs on hole number 3 may have a water hazard, meaning that if you use the bathroom at that bar, you have to add 1 stroke to your score.

Assign a caddy.

The caddy is the event and designated sober golfer. They help keep things on track, keep a watchful eye on each person drinking, and make sure everyone gets home safe.

The player with the lowest score at the end wins.

A prize is usually determined ahead of time for the event. Sometimes a silly trophy is created, or just bragging rights. However, remember to drink safely and avoid exceeding your limits. It’s just a fun drinking game really!

Pub Golf Penalty Ideas:

  • +2 strokes for missing any hole (common).
  • Water Hazard: +1 stroke for using the bathroom.
  • Slip Up: +2 strokes for falling down.
  • Wind Hazard: +2 strokes for audibly farting.
  • Kicking The Ball: +5 strokes for being caught cheating.
  • Ball Drop: +2 strokes for dropping a drink.

Other Common Pub Golf Rules

The Caddy. A caddy can be assigned as the designated referee at the beginning of the night. He or she will typically remain sober to make sure that everyone remains safe. The caddy is also responsible for making sure that all penalties are caught and cheaters are brought to justice! This person can also read the rules aloud at each bar so that all the golfers are aware of the penalties at each hole.

Partner Up: If you have enough people, have people pair up with each other. The pairs will drink within eyesight of one another, ensuring that the rules are followed and that drinks are actually being consumed.

Assign a Time Limit: Some groups like to assign a time limit for each bar to keep things on track. This makes the game more challenging to complete and forces players to strategize which drinks they will skip along the way.

Pub Golf Scorecards (Printable)

Pub golf wouldn’t be the same without your scorecard. You can print our custom scorecard for your group and define the rules and drinks for yourself. Alternatively, if you want a pre-determined set of rules, try using our ready-to-use scorecard below. You’ll just have to add the bar stops that you’ll be making along the way.

Pub Golf Scorecard (Pre-Filled):

Pub Golf Scorecard

Blank Pub Golf Scorecard:

Pub Golf Scorecard Printable Blank

You can play any number of holes though the typical game consists of nine holes or eighteen holes. These scorecards are for nine pubs, but if you need 18 holes you can try using excel to print out a larger custom grid for your pub golf game.

Pub Golf Outfits

Pub crawl wouldn’t be the same without a little dressing up. You can put together a pretty nice outfit with cheap thrift store clothes, or shop on Amazon for some silly golf-inspired clothes.

That’s it! Try to get creative with custom penalties and rules for your round of pub golf big night. Most importantly, remember to take it slow and only drink as much as you can comfortably stomach. It’s not worth getting sick. Good luck out there on the course!