Ring of Fire Rules

We all love having a good time. Playing drinking games is one of the best ways to have a good time chilling with friends.

Ring of fire, also known as King’s cup, doughnut, or circle of death, is an excellent way to entertain yourselves during house parties and other events.

Players must accustom themselves to the game’s rules like any other game. Understanding what they can or can not do is integral to the game’s success. Rules also protect other players in potentially dangerous situations.

Ring of Fire Game Rules

First, there must be a cup filled with liquor at the center of the table. Another name for this game is King’s cup; it comes from this cup at the center.

Second, there must be a deck of cards.

Also, each player should have their favorite alcohol in the cup.

The deck of cards is spread around the cup with the liquor facing down. Players should not see the value of any of the cards.

Ring of fire Cup
Michael Morales, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

To play the game, players sit in a circle and take turns drawing a card from the ring of cards without breaking the chain. Anytime a player draws a card from the ring, they must ensure that the remaining cards touch each other. A player who fails to achieve this must have a shot or sip of the liquor they are holding.

Now, each card in the deck has a rule attached to it. Usually, the rule instructs the drawer to perform an action.

Below is a list of all the cards that can be played along with their rules. Each card number has a name. For instance, 2 of anything is known as ‘You,’ meaning that the rule of that card applies to someone a player will pick.

  • Ace – Waterfall – When drawn, this card requires that every player in the game drinks their alcohol continuously until the player to their right stops drinking.
  • 2 – You – The current player must pick another player who will sip liquor.
  • 3 – Me – The current player must sip their liquor.
  • 4 – Whores – Anyone in the game who identifies as female must drink their liquor.
  • 5 – Thumbmaster – Within a specified timeframe (before subsequent players pick up the next five card), the current player will randomly place their thumb on the table. At that point, every other player will follow suit. The last one to do it will have to take a shot of liquor. If another five card is picked before they place their thumb on the table, they lose the right to use the move.
  • 6 – Dicks – Any player in the game who identifies as male must drink alcohol.
  • 7 – Heaven – Similar to the five card, this move must also be played before another seven card is picked up. The current player will, at any point, lift their hand, and other players will follow suit. The last player to lift their hand will have to take a shot.
  • 8 – Mate – The current player must choose a drinking buddy. Anytime the current player has to take a shot of liquor, the buddy must also take one. Although not mandatory, the current player can decide whether they also have to drink every time they are picked to drink by other players.
  • 9 – Rhyme – The player who draws this card has to say a word. All the other players will come up with words that rhyme with that word. The rhyming continues until one of the players messes up and has to drink. For instance, the current player could say ‘will,’ and the other players would say fill, kill, etc.
  • 10 – Categories – The current player has to name any category. For instance, they could say the category animals, and every other player has to come up with names or words in that category, i.e., cat, dog, elephant, etc.
  • Jack – The player who picks up this card is entitled to make a new rule in the game. They could decide to ban certain actions or words in the game’s course. For instance, the player might decide it is illegal to yawn or say ‘you.’ Any player who breaks the rule must take a shot or sip of liquor. It is more fun when the players ban commonly used words that people are bound to use frequently.
  • Queen – The queen card makes the current player the question master. Any other player who answers any question asked by the question master must take a shot. The nature of the question does not matter. One has to drink as long as one answers the question master.
  • King – A player who draws the king card, as long as it is not the last king card, must pour some of their alcohol into the king’s cup (the cup in the middle of the cards). The player who draws the last king card must drink whatever is in the king’s cup.


Ring of fire is one of the best drinking games. It has been around for ages and played by large groups. It is best enjoyed by people spending the night together. With this game, you are guaranteed to have a great night of fun and possibly get drunk.

While playing, remember to drink responsibly. Do not let underage participants take alcohol. Do not drink and drive.