Up and down the river drinking game Rules

The “Up and down the river” drinking game is simple and fun. It could turn a dull evening of drinking into a fun, cheerful way to get drunk.


  1. Two decks of 52-card decks.
  2. Alcohol
  3. Players

How to play

  1. The players are supposed to sit in a circle and select a dealer. Despite being selected, the dealer also participates in the game.
  2. The dealer hands each of the players four cards to start the game. The cards dealt to each player should be in front of them on the table.
  3. The dealer keeps the remainder of the deck. The game begins when the dealer flips over the deck’s top card and puts it in the middle of the other cards on the table. This way, the game is headed “up the river.” A player must take a drink if they have a card of the same rank as the one the dealer has flipped. If a person has more than one matching card in their hand, they must take a drink for each matching card.
  4. In the second round of the game, the dealer flips over the second card. Anyone with a similar card must drink. The only difference between this round and the first one is that players must take two drinks for every matching card they have. This is repeated for the third (three drinks) and fourth (four drinks) rounds.
  5. After the fourth round, the game starts flowing “down the river.” However, players with matching cards do not have to drink when the fifth card is flipped. This time, they give other players the drinks in any particular order, i.e., they could give two players two drinks each or four players one drink each if they have a matching card.
  6. The game continues going down the river the same way it went up the river until each player can only give one drink to the other players.
  7. When the game ends, the dealer collects all the cards and shuffles thoroughly.
  8. The dealer places the deck on the table facing down and starts flipping one card at a time while counting from one to 13. In the cards, one is represented by the ace card, while the king card represents 13. While counting, if the number the dealer has reached matches the card number, each player must drink an equivalent number of drinks.
  9. The dealer then collects all the cards, shuffles the decks, and deals new cards to the players. The game is played until the players are tired or too drunk to play.


Remember to drink responsibly. Excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to alcohol poisoning. Underage people shouldn’t be allowed to play this game, and if they are, a non-alcoholic drink should be served.